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Monitoring Availability and End User Experience Made Simple

Is your site up and running? - How do you know? If you've got a mission-critical Web site or business application that your customers rely on, then you'll want to make absolutely sure they can reach it, reliably, 24 hours a day.

Advanced site monitoring - If you host a site with us, you already have the benefit of this service. Our automated monitoring systems check all servers every minute throughout any 24-hour period. If a server or a site goes down, we know about it via SMS or network message. But you don't have to be a hosting customer to use this service.

Standard Monitoring Service - for as little as R99 per month, we will proactively connect to your Internet sites every minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If there's an outage, we immediately page you, or send an SMS or email to one or more locations of your choice.

Advanced Site Management & Outage Recovery - It's one thing knowing about a site problem, but what if you don't have the resources to react? Under our advanced Site Recovery Management option, you contract primary responsibility for site management and recovery to us. Then, our support staff will actively respond to outages, attempt to trace and troubleshoot faults, escalate network or hardware issues to third-party vendors and more.

How it works - We monitor from two independent centres. For each site, multiple sensors can be configured to test for HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, POP3, FTP and DNS responses. To reduce network traffic to a minimum and to allow Web monitoring responses to be recorded separately in the server logs, we typically ask for one or more small pages to be inserted in the site, but this is optional. Page insertions are required if dynamic SQL database content and audio/video streaming services are to be monitored.

Other Benefits - Our monitoring service will work on any public site, regardless of the operating system or layered software used to run it. The service generates very little traffic and will have absolutely no effect on site performance. A positive side effect is that your site will constantly be in DNS cache and application worker processes will also be kept current. For more information on our site monitoring and recovery services, please email us at any time.

Speak to someone from our sales team regarding our monitoring solutions - please contact us.

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Media Developments was established in 2003 and has grown to host more than 4000 websites across 10 different datacentres. We're proudly 100% South African owned and operated.


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