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Cloud Storage

 These days, most people participate in a cloud storage program. There are popular free or low-cost options such as Google Drive, Apple's iCloud, Dropbox, and Microsoft's SkyDrive. These online solutions are an excellent way to store a limited amount of files and share them across platforms and users. This kind of storage is comparable to a USB flash drive, only it's online, hosted by the parent company, and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

With these cloud storage options, there is little to no monitoring, reporting, or support. That's why, although cloud storage isn't a bad choice, it's not the best solution for businesses with high-security needs.

Cloud Backup

On the other hand, cloud backup is an application designed to give businesses the storage they require with support, security, and monitoring. A cloud backup application will routinely store and compress data and transfer it onto your service provider's server, giving you the peace of mind that comes with secure backups.

For businesses, cloud backup is the best way to go. Although companies can and often do use cloud storage for easy workplace sharing, cloud backup is a much more secure option for storing data. Cloud storage is far from guaranteed, and many companies choose document management instead to facilitate file sharing and editing.

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