EPYC VPS Hosting


We offer High Performance, Epyc VPS hosting powered by the AMD EPYC Platform

Our Epyc VPS hosting is built on top of the latest, award winning AMD EPYC Platform, backed by SuperMicro hardware and Samsung Enterprise SSD hard drives to ensure stability, reliability and Epyc Performance. There is no Overselling of these Epyc VPS's and all resources assigned to the VPS are guaranteed and to ensure total peace of mind, our Epyc VPS Hosting come backed with efficient service and support from our dedicated teams as well as our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

* Our Data Centres maintain multiple Tier 3 connections to the Internet - delivering your data quickly each and every time it is requested from your website.
* Each Hosting account comes with its own cPanel (Control Panel), which gives you complete control over your hosting account at all times.
* Access to your e-mail when you are out of the Office via our WebMail service which is included with every hosting account.
* Easily install a range of software onto your hosting account, including WordPress.

* Our Hosting packages are tailored to provide a balance of features at an affordable price.
* Your account can be easily upgraded to take advantage of additional plan features.
* All of our Hosting products include pre-installed scripts to allow you to quickly and easily install third-party software.
* Manage access to your website resources using password-protected directories. Create a backup of your data quickly and easily.

* We have a Network Uptime Guarantee of 99.99%
* We utilise enterprise-grade high-availability security measures to help protect your account.
* Our Data Centre is staffed and monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
* E-mail technical support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

   Ultra Fast SSD Storage
   Fast and Reliable
Our Epyc VPS Platform makes use of 24 Samsung SM863a Enterprise SSD's setup in Raid 100 per Hypervisor. We only use the very best in SuperMicro hardware. All Hypervisors are configured with Dual AMD EPYC Processors, 512 GB DDR4 RAM and Redundant Power Supplies.
   Locally Hosted
   Complete Control
Our servers are hosted locally in Africa's Largest Data Center - Teraco, Isando. We are connected with all major local internet exchanges and multiple network providers for redundancy. Take complete control of your Epyc VPS with the ability to: Power On/Off, Reboot, Change Password, Change Hostname, Upgrade and instantly Reload your OS.
   IPv6 Connectivity    Free Monthly Snapshots
Our entire infrastructure is native IPv6 and we offer full IPv6 connectivity on all our Epyc VPS Packages with a /96 IPv6 address space included as a default. Get Free monthly backup snapshots of your Epyc VPS which can be used to restore your Epyc VPS in the event of a failure or system error.
   Private Networking    Full Root / Admin Access
Interconnect your Epyc VPS instances together on our secure Private Network which offers unmetered bandwidth. You are provided with root or administrator access to your Epyc VPS allowing you to take full control.



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